Requesting Legal Services

To request legal advice from OGC, please complete the below online form:

Request for Legal Services Form (opens in a new window)

Please note, we will not accept instructions from anyone other than a Director or Dean or above, or without their prior approval. We will advise receipt and allocate your enquiry to a lawyer within 2-3 business days. Given the volume of requests received by the Office of General Counsel, requests for legal services are expected to take approximately three weeks.

Our approach is to deal with matters in order of receipt or based on our assessment of their urgency, for instance, meeting any deadlines imposed by a court or time limits imposed by legislation.

Before we commence work, we require the following information:

  • Evidence that the transaction has been authorised by the person(s) with appropriate authority (including funding arrangements);
  • The name of the person instructing us (so that we can refer to them when we need to clarify or confirm something);
  • All documents (including approvals) and background information relating to the transaction.

Drafting legal advice and other documents can be a lengthy and complex process, so it is essential that you contact OGC as early as possible and provide us with the information and documents we require.

We reserve the right not to accept requests for assistance in some circumstances, including where we believe those requests conflict with the University's interests, or where a transaction has not first been approved by the University in accordance with proper procedures (for instance, the University's procurement procedures).