Services we provide

Who are we?

The Office of General Counsel (OGC) forms part of the portfolio of the Office of the University General Counsel and provides independent legal advice and services to the University, including the Board of Trustees, Executive and other senior officers.  OGC also participates in policy development and review as part of the University's regulatory compliance program.

Click here to view or download a copy of the OGC Client Service Charter (opens in a new window).

Our services include:

  • providing legal advice about specific matters;
  • drafting and negotiating agreements for commercial and other transactions;
  • establishing and maintaining standard agreements and other precedents to streamline processes;
  • managing litigation on behalf of the University; instructing external lawyers and monitoring their performance;
  • presenting seminars and presentations about specific legal issues affecting the University.

Queries in the first instance about the matters below should be referred to the administrative unit listed opposite. Those units will, where appropriate, liaise with OGC.

Audit and risk assessment (including fraud and corruption)

Audit & Risk Assessment (opens in a new window)

Complaints against the University

Complaints Resolution Unit (opens in a new window)

Employment and workplace relations

Office of People (opens in a new window)


Office of Finance (opens in a new window)

Intellectual property rights (including registration of IP rights, confidentiality agreements, consulting)

Research Services (opens in a new window)

Security or safety issues

Campus Safety & Security (opens in a new window)

Student or staff equity

Office of Equity and Diversity (opens in a new window)

Services we do not provide

Please note that staff members in OGC cannot provide legal advice or services of a personal nature to individual staff or students. If staff or students have a concern or a complaint involving the University, they should contact the University's Complaints Resolution Unit (opens in a new window).

Students can go to the Getting Help (opens in a new window) page on the University's website to find out where to obtain help for any matters affecting their studies. Staff or students may also be able to seek assistance from Student Legal Services (opens in a new window).

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