OEC maintenance guidelines

The University owns and operates an extensive portfolio of buildings and land assets across many campuses and external sites. Office of Estate and Commercial (OEC) is responsible for the maintenance of the following equipment/infrastructure at those campuses and sites:

  • building structures
  • permanent internal fittings (e.g. toilet roll holders, basins, stoves, range hoods, hand dryers)
  • internal finishes (e.g. floor coverings, painting, window coverings)
  • fixed furniture (repairs only)
  • general teaching furniture (lecture theatres and flat floor teaching space)
  • building reticulated services (water, sewer, gas)
  • air conditioning/ventilation systems
  • fire protection systems
  • lighting, power, generators
  • roads, grounds and landscaping, external structures, external services, landscaping, grounds maintenance
  • signage (building and directional)
  • fume cupboards, bio-safety cabinets, laminar flow cabinets

OEC administers the maintenance of locks and security systems, including swipe-card access and duress alarms. These services are delivered by Campus Safety and Security.

Schools/Units, Institutes, Research Centres and Entities are responsible for funding the provision and maintenance of the equipment/infrastructure listed below, which can be delivered by OEC upon request:

  • loose fittings such as photo frames, whiteboards and mirrors
  • loose office furniture (replacement and disposal)
  • fixed furniture (replacement only)
  • unit fixtures (e.g. key boxes and assignment boxes)
  • additional lighting and/or general purpose outlets (i.e. power points)
  • coolrooms
  • corporate/office signage
  • removals/relocations
  • event setups
  • key replacements
  • portable equipment (electrical testing and tagging)

OEC does not assume any responsibility for UPS units, portable desk lamps, research equipment (e.g. autoclaves), theatre tables, satellite dishes, x-ray machines, kitchen equipment (e.g. microwaves, fridges, coffee machines, dishwashers and kettles), dryers, washing machines, televisions, TV antennas and gas bottles.