OEC services

OEC's services are tailored to meet the changing needs of our customers, who occupy a wide variety of facility types – from state-of-the-art specialist laboratories to libraries, public galleries and residential buildings. We endeavour to provide responsive, courteous service in the following areas with due consideration for the needs of all customers.

Cleaning, recycling and waste management

Cleaning, recycling and waste services are the responsibility of the Manager, Cleaning, Recycling and Waste. Cleaning services are contracted to GJK Facility Services, with cleaning services scheduled from 3am Monday to Friday for general areas, with day cleaners on all major campuses and weekend cleaning on selected sites. Cleaning services include:

  • Staff/Student areas are cleaned daily (washrooms, staffrooms, kitchens, common areas and teaching spaces), with rubbish removed daily and blue paper recycling bins taken out for collection weekly.
  • Staff offices are cleaned on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, with paper recycling boxes emptied, vacuuming, dusting and desks wiped if clear. Equipment and computers are not touched, while red desk bins are not emptied by cleaners.
  • Buildings EA and EB at Parramatta campus and Building 23 at Bankstown campus are also cleaned on Saturday morning while Parramatta City and Liverpool campus are cleaned seven days per week.
  • Libraries have additional cleans on both Saturday and Sunday morning (except Hawkesbury and Nirimba), along with evening cleans at Parramatta, Campbelltown, Kingswood, Nirimba and Bankstown.
  • Laboratory cleaning is only floors, windows and general waste bins.
  • Periodic steam cleaning of carpets occur twice a year in common areas and yearly in offices, where required.  Whiteboards and noticeboards are cleaned twice annually.
  • Window cleaning occurs annually in December/January where required.
  • Additional services include IT communication rooms, biohazard cleans, pressure cleaning of paths and buildings, street sweeping, graffiti removal, gum removal, strip and sealing of hard floor surfaces, event cleaning and steam cleaning of furniture and carpets.
  • Cleaning responses are also required 24/7 following building damage due to storms, events and other causes.
  • Cleaning of campus Fitness Centres and Food outlets is managed by Connect and serviced by GJK Facility Services (front of counter only).  External retail outlets are not cleaned by University cleaners.
  • Childcare Centres across campuses are managed by UWSELL and cleaned by GJK Facility Services.
  • Student Residences are managed/cleaned by Campus Living Villages, except for external rubbish/bins which are managed by GJK Facility Services.
  • Lismore and Bathurst campuses are cleaned through local contractors.

Waste and recycling services are contracted to SUEZ Australia, including the provision of waste compaction units and materials recycling as follows:

  • General waste and co-mingled recycling is collected by cleaners and compacted on Hawkesbury, Parramatta, Nirimba, Penrith, Bankstown and Campbelltown campuses. Details can be found in Waste and recycling collection services (PDF, 2203.57 KB) (opens in a new window).
  • General waste bins and co-mingled recycle bins are located at the smaller sites, Lithgow, 1PSQ, Macarthur Clinical, Blacktown Clinical, Olympic Park, Liverpool, 100 George Street Parramatta, Westmead, Parramatta North Campus.
  • Recycling of materials is increased substantially through waste compaction.
  • Paper and cardboard waste (blue bins and office bins) is collected in recycling skips to be sorted into material grades for recycling processes. Confidential papers (blue bins w/yellow lids) are securely transported to waste facility and shredded prior to recycling.
  • Other waste services include trade waste (grease traps), recycling of metals, batteries, fluorescent lights, toner cartridges and Styrofoam packaging.
  • Laboratory waste is managed by the relevant Schools. Clinical waste is managed at source with specialist service providers.
  • Sanitary waste bins are serviced by GJK Facility Services under the cleaning contract.

Relocations and event setups

Relocations and event set ups are co-ordinated by the Campus Coordinator. These will include relocations of staff, staff and community events, and scheduled activities such as graduations. If you are planning an event to be held on a campus please complete and submit the on-line Client Request Form .

Please ensure you contact the Campus Coordinator well in advance of any relocations and events to ensure that there is clear communication regarding the location of the event, set up required, logistic support required, event management procedure clarified and work request raised against appropriate cost codes for projects or unit funded events.

Short notice set ups are subject to Contractor availability and may result in delays so please ensure 48 hours notice is given.

If your request relates to moving University leased Photocopiers please contact the ITDS help desk.

Furniture supply and installation

OEC's Estate Planning and Strategy business unit is responsible for the purchase, supply and installation of all furniture, furnishing and fittings.

OEC purchases all furniture, furnishings and fittings in accordance with the Space Management Policy and OEC's furniture guidelines. We carefully select furniture that suits the image and requirements and will adapt to the changing needs of the University's dynamic environment. We aim to purchase furniture that has a green star rating and is recyclable.

All orders for furniture, regardless of the funding source, must be directed through OEC to ensure:

  • value for money (i.e. through bulk purchasing)
  • compliance with the Space Management Policy and OEC's furniture guidelines
  • ease of installation, maintenance, repair and replacement where necessary
  • excess furniture is re-allocated, wherever possible
  • surplus furniture is disposed of, recycled or stored for re-use.

If you have furniture needs and would like to purchase new furniture, please complete an OEC Client service request form

GIS services

OEC's Commercial Development, Services and Governance business unit maintains the GIS, which is available to all staff and students. The GIS provides staff with access to spatial data (e.g. floor plans, room photos, aerial photos) and related textual information about the University's physical assets (i.e. buildings, rooms, roads, paths and underground services), including space assignments. If you need a building floor plan or want to find out who owns a particular room, please refer to the GIS (opens in a new window)—use your employee number and MyUWS password when prompted to log-in to the system.

The GIS has video tutorials to help you learn how to navigate your way around the system. The video tutorials can be accessed through the "Video tutorials" link in the menu bar (top left corner of the GIS home page) (opens in a new window).

The University's room booking system links to the GIS to provide users with information about rooms as part of the room booking process (i.e. the GIS provides room plans and photos as well as information about what audio-visual equipment is available in each room).

Landscaping and grounds maintenance

Grounds maintenance and landscaping is the responsibility of the Manager, Grounds / Landscaping. Grounds maintenance is contracted to Summit Open Space Services for mowing teams and grounds staff across all major campuses. Maintenance of campus areas is guided by principles of 'safety through design', amenity and sustainability, as outlined in the University Landscape Masterplan, along with respect for historical character of campuses such as Hawkesbury as reflected in the Landscape Management Plan: Hawkesbury campus, and conservation requirements for the Parramatta campus. Grounds maintenance includes those relating to:

  • General grounds, gardens and sporting fields across all campuses
  • the provision of outdoor furniture (tables and seats, shade structures, BBQs, etc)
  • irrigation systems for gardens (including those supplied from stormwater reuse)
  • landscaping as part of building projects or refurbishments
  • make good after damage from storms, events or other causes.

Logistics services

The University's Logistics services are managed from OEC, Logistics depot at Building R, on the southern side of Penrith campus, Kingswood. All things mail related at the University pass through Logistics; however you will mainly see team members driving around campus in transport vans.

The Logistics team offers an inter campus transport service for the delivery of regular mail, via mail bags at designated delivery/collection points on each campus and larger items by prior arrangement.  Larger items could be tubs of library books, boxes of print paper or anything you may need transported to another campus as long as it can be handled by one Logistics Officer and is appropriately packed for transport. The team have all the tools they need to assist with the safe delivery of your items.

To arrange collection of a larger item, email  logistics@westernsydney.edu.au

For the approximate time the mail will be delivered to certain areas, please email logistics@westernsydney.edu.au

Although the Logistics team make every effort to deliver your mail, mail will be returned to sender if it is incorrectly addressed.

To ensure you receive your mail and other correspondence, please address inter campus mail as follows:

  • Full name of recipient
  • School or Department
  • Building number
  • Campus

And external mail as follows:

  • Full name of recipient
  • School or Department
  • Western Sydney University
  • Locked Bag 1797
  • Penrith NSW 2751

Articles that carry the above information will pass via Logistics with no delay. All other items may be returned to sender.

Personal mail cannot be posted and charged to the University even if the cost of postage is reimbursed to the University. University envelopes are not to be used for sending personal mail.

Staff are requested to refrain from using the University's address for receiving private mail..


OEC is responsible for the maintenance of built assets, associated fixed plant and equipment and building infrastructure across campuses and sites. For a comprehensive list of OEC's maintenance responsibilities, refer to the Directorate's maintenance guidelines.

To report a routine maintenance or facilities request, please complete a OEC Client service request form.

To report an urgent maintenance issue that requires immediate attention, please phone the Contact Service Centre on 9852 5800 (Ext 5800). After hours calls regarding urgent maintenance issues will be transferred to the Duty Security Officer.


OEC's Estate Planning and Strategy business unit is responsible for all way-finding and identification signage throughout the campuses and external sites. Our aim is to ensure the campuses and sites are not only welcoming to students, staff and visitors, but easy to navigate by drivers, riders and pedestrians. It's our job to produce clear, accurate and high quality signage so you can get from A to B and on to C as easily and efficiently as possible.

All signage on campuses and sites must comply with the University's branding strategy, visual identity and signage design guidelines.  If you require a new sign or modification of an existing sign please complete a OEC Client service request form.

Space management

The University aims to optimise its space utilisation for both non-teaching and teaching space in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, thereby reducing the University's overall capital outlay, maintenance and running costs. Through strategic physical planning capability and space management in accordance with the Space Management Policy, OEC's Estate Planning and Strategy business unit ensures that the services we provide in this area link closely with the University's strategic initiatives.

All requests for allocation of space and requests to relinquish space need to be submitted to OEC's Space Co-ordinator via the relevant space allocation forms available on the forms webpage (opens in a new window).