What it's like to go to the #1 uni in the world?

What it's like to go to the
#1 uni in the world*

Sustainable Campuses

Western Sydney University includes 12 highly accessible campuses across Greater Western Sydney and which are home to sustainable and technology-enabled learning facilities.

The student experience is enhanced by innovative spaces, libraries, research facilities, and studios.

#1 in Australia for Gender Equality


#1 in NSW for Quality Education


#1 in Sydney for Climate Action


Discover Your Unlimited at the World’s #1 Uni

A Day in the Life of Josh

Hi! I’m Josh and I’m a second year med sci student here at Western. That’s a Bachelor of Medical Science if you don’t know! As well as being a student I’m also an employee, basketball coach, athlete, brother, son and friend. So here’s how I manage to do all of that in a day!

1. Catch a bus to Parramatta City. First things first, I’m a proud shuttle bus boy. Without these beauties, I wouldn’t be able to make the most of my day. As a bonus, they’re free so I don’t have to spend unnecessarily on transport! From the Parra City campus I catch the shuttle bus to Parramatta South – it's only a 10 min trip and buses run every 15 mins so I don’t need to wait long and I can read some of my study notes while jamming to HSM on the way.

2. The Parra South campus is a beauty, honourable mentions to our underrated sushi shop. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sushi fiend so on the way to the library I’ll grab a roll or two. Fine, it’s usually three. OKAY... Now don't get me started on Ollie Brown Hot Choccy's (if you know you know)

3. Study in the library. There are so many seating options, my glutes are indeed thankful. There’s group study pods for discussions, computer desks for when you forget your charger at home (couldn't be me), private study rooms for serious project work and quiet study pods for when you need some ALONE study time. They even have sleep pods for when I need to catch up on some z's.

4. Attend practical class. This is where I get to do experiments and practice being a scientist, so yeah, it’s lovely! My lectures are online so it’s lovely that I can split my time between home and coming on campus to use the facilities and catch up with my uni-mates. While I attend my prac class, I meet with some of my interesting prac crew for the session – did you know there is a dedicated building for science labs?

5. Catch up with classmates on the way back to Parramatta City. I didn’t realise how diverse the University was, not just in people but in culture. There’s all sorts of groups, collectives, sports and clubs for those who want to be around others with similar interests or just want to give it a good go. I have been part of the Basketball team at Western, so I drop in at the courts around campus when I get the chance, no matter how overdressed.

I like to use my time on buses and transitioning between places to reflect on my day and debrief in my notebook all the things I learnt and question. I head to campus three times a week and spend the rest of my time playing sport and doing readings ahead of each class. By the time my day at uni is over, it’s off to coaching, training or to see my family!

*Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2022