Cadetship program

The first step in your career

The Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment and Engagement (OATSIEE) launched the Cadetship Program as a way of giving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students the opportunity to gain paid, degree-relevant industry experience.

Cadetships - sometimes also referred to as work placements, internships and graduate placements - are a great way for students and recent graduates to boost their resume, make valuable contacts and gain a competitive edge in the job market.

In most cases cadetships run for a period of 12 weeks. Work can be performed during summer break or during the university semester, depending on individual arrangements made with each host organisation.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cadetships may be available in the areas of accounting, finance, administration, engineering, construction, project management, human resources, science, information technology, marketing, law, policing and health.

From the perspective of employers, cadetships are an economical way to trial the skills and attributes of a student or recent graduate. Over 60% of students gain on-going work from their placement.

More information

For more information or to register your interest in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cadetship Program, please contact the OATSIEE team.