Benefits of working at Western Sydney University for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff

UWS staff

Western Sydney University aims to provide a flexible, supportive and diverse working environment and encourages employees to live a balanced lifestyle, combining work and family responsibilities. The University strives to provide a work environment that encourages fairness, equity and respect for social and cultural diversity.

The University recognises that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees have cultural and community responsibilities. Under the Enterprise Agreements, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees (other than casual employees) are entitled to:

  • Up to 5 days paid leave a year to participate in cultural/ceremonial activities
  • Up to 10 days unpaid leave a year to fulfil cultural/ceremonial obligations.

An employee who is required to use Indigenous Australian language in the course of their work will be paid an Indigenous Australian Language allowance of:

  • $1100 a year for employees who are capable of using a minimal knowledge of language for the purpose of simple communication
  • $2201 a year for a level of ability for the ordinary purposes of general business, conversation, reading and writing.

Start your career

The Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment and Engagement (OATSIEE) supports a number of initiatives that aim to create employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

For students and recent graduates, the Cadetship program is a great way to boost your resume, make valuable contacts and gain a competitive edge in the job market.

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are looking for exciting on-the-job experience, and to gain a foothold in their chosen careers, the Traineeship Program offers employment at the University on a 12 and 24 month basis.

Ongoing career support

The University is a learning organisation that provides education and training for more than just its students - because we want our employees to grow and prosper too.

Through the Office of Organisational Development, the University offers staff a wide range of opportunities for staff to gain additional qualifications and experience, and to progress in their careers. This includes the two Vice-Chancellor's Professional Development Scholarships that are open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff.

The Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment and Engagement (OATSIEE) assists in the career development of staff through its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Talent Management Program. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees at all levels are matched with suitable mentors. Monthly one-hour meetings are held, which allow staff to benefit from expert advice and guidance.

More information

For more information, please contact the OATSIEE team.