Uncle Vic Simon


Retired Private, Australian Army
Vietnam War Veteran

I left high school at 15, and I ended up getting a job with one of my sisters at a printing factory. I wasn't thinking about joining the Army, but I was just walking around in Sydney there one day, I think it was York Street, there's a place there where they enlist in the Army, and I'm walking along and the next thing I see this bloke pointing at me - We want you!

Then my father and my uncle sort of come into my head. Well my father he was a Rat of Tobruk and my uncle he was a prisoner of war in Changi for three years, that was in the Second World War. And I just thought to myself why not? Why not go in and join? So I just signed on for three years.

I was in the army for about 12 months, before I found out that I was going to go to Vietnam. While I was there we were visited by the Prime Minister of Australia. My mother sent me over the front page of the Telegraph, me on the front page with the Prime Minister, Harold Holt … strange things happen in war.