Uncle John Kinsela

Wiradjuri and JawoynJohn Kinsela
Retired Gunner, Royal Australian Artillery 1970 - 71
Retired Corporal Army Reserve Commando Unit 1978 - 84
Vietnam War Veteran

To me, being Australian doesn't matter what culture you're from, you're just proud to be Australian. You know, it wasn't such a big thing being in the military. My brother, he signed up and I got called up in '69. I had two uncles that went to Korea. I've got a nephew that's been to Afghanistan and East Timor, and he's a volunteer, he's a Regular Army.

I think the reason Aboriginals join the military, going back from World War One, is just the pride of living here, you know. You went to defend the country. When you hear what's happening over there you don't want it to come to your own back door. It doesn't matter who you are, or what background you are, we're all Australians. We're a multicultural country now.

What upsets me is when ANZAC Day comes around and everybody is talking about 'Invasion Day' and everything. ANZACS means Australian and New Zealand Army Corps and it's got nothing to do with 'Invasion Day' and they put that in the same boat as with what happened when white settlers first came to Australia.