Uncle Harry Allie


Kudjula Elder (Charters Towers)
Retired Warrant Officer

I've been inspired by men, that I had worked with, that had served in World War One and Two. They had always marched proudly on ANZAC Day in Charters Towers.

Also in my grandmother's house there was a photo of my uncle who served in World War One and World War Two. My other uncle served in World War Two, my auntie served in the women's land Army and my father served in the Construction Corps. So I was always aware of that proud history, of serving country, and I felt it particularly when the ballot came up for National Service and my name didn't come out.

I'd seen many men around me that were called up but I still had that the desire that I still wanted to serve country. I was aware of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people not having to serve or enlist in the military services but I would have been disappointed if I would have been turned away or rejected. Which comes back to what I always firmly believe - there is no equality for anybody if they're going to select and determine my future. So on the 5th January 1966, I signed on the dotted line and enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force.