Uncle David Williams

David Williams

Bundjalung (Grafton/North Coast area)
Retired Naval Submariner, Royal Australian Navy
Retired Chief Petty Officer, Royal Australian Navy
Vietnam War Veteran

Conscription was around and my mates in my footy team were getting called up. I didn't know at the time being an Aboriginal I didn't have to fight but that's what mates do, they watch each other's back. However, it didn't necessarily mean I had to go into the Army. At the time I was working for a waterproof roofing company and I was on the 22nd floor of a building, looking down at the fleet and thinking what are them blokes doing? So I thought to myself, two years National Service or nine years in the Navy? Ah bugger it, I'll go in the Navy.

There is a connection here to the earth. I'll never ever catch that thing called greed, I'll never catch that disease. I'm here for the majority, all of us, and there's enough room, I'm just sorry that people don't learn about that or they don't feel that. It's still country, Australia still belongs to us and I use the plural.

All I can say is, I know it takes all of us because not one of us can do it on our own.