Uncle Cliff Daylight


Gubbi Gubbi (Biloela, Queensland)
Retired Able Seaman, Royal Australian Navy
Vietnam War Veteran

The system we went through, when we were younger, treated us like second-class citizens. So, why would I risk my life for a country that vilified me? Well I am quite proud to be an Aboriginal but I'm also proud to be an Australian person. So putting on the uniform to me has made no difference, it was something that I wanted to do and it's something I'm proud that I did do as Aboriginal Australian.

If you look at the war records of Aboriginal people, Aboriginal people fought in the Boer War, Malaysia Conflict, First and Second World Wars, Vietnam. Aboriginal people have always put their hand up to serve you know.

If an Aboriginal person volunteers to serve in the Army, Navy or Air Force, they do it voluntarily, they do it because they want to do it as an Australian, protecting Australia as a country, but they don't forget where they come from which is their own country.

It's not about fighting for your own mob, it's about fighting for your country, you're serving Australia but you don't forget where you come from its simple as that.