2014 NAIDOC Week Quiz Winners

This year's NAIDOC theme Serving Country: Centenary & Beyond honours all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women who have fought in defence of country.

As part of the NAIDOC celebrations 2014, the Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment and Engagement invited UWS staff and students to take part in the online NAIDOC quiz with a chance to win an iPad.

After receiving an overwhelming response the winners for 2014 were:

  • 1st prize, iPad (Staff member category) – Jennifer Kensey, Manager Student Welfare Services
  • 1st Prize, iPad (Student category) – Jason Holland, Bachelor of Medical Science
  • 2nd prize, $100 gift voucher – James Bourke, Master of Teaching Secondary
  • 3rd Prize, $50 Gift Voucher –
    • Sarah Parker, Bachelor of Natural Science (Environmental Health)
    • Sally-Anne Donahue, Bachelor of Natural Science (Environmental Health)
    • Blake Tatafu, Bachelor of Community & Social Development

Answers from our prize winners

1. What does Generations of Knowledge mean to you?

Jennifer: We as a UWS community are enriched by the collective knowledge, generosity and support of our Aboriginal elders

Jason: It means learning about cultural competence and history of the people of Australia

James: Generations of knowledge is something that every person has the responsibility to pass on the future generations. It is the knowledge that they have gained from their elders and from their own experiences. That knowledge needs to be passed on in order continue traditions and culture 

Sarah: It represents the continual learning and understanding that has occurred over time and the ever changing stand of society.

Sally-Anne: Knowledge which is passed down from the older generations to the young generation. An example is Dreamtime.

Blake: It means to acknowledge, respect and protect generations of learnt and developed knowledge passed down each generation. Protecting this knowledge is integral to the survival of culture.

2. What initiative would you implement in 2014 to 'Close the Gap'?

Jennifer: More inclusivity of Aboriginal students into mainstream services at UWS so get the best access to help, while still providing tailored individualised support

Jason: Aboriginal case studies to be integrated into lessons across all disciplines

James: I would be establishing a partnership between the 4 major football codes, AFL, NRL, A league and Rugby and the NSW Netball association. this partnership would see the players and officials from these organisations work with local community groups to run fun days or a regular basis as well as perform workshop with universities, TAFE and NSW Health to promote being active and eating healthy. Our youth need good role models and sports stars can provide an influence on children to strive for success and live healthy.

Sarah: integrated activities to provide more information and understanding about indigenous and Torres Strait Islander culture.

Sally-Anne: Hold a variety of games and activities to show similarity between cultures.

Blake: I would continue to fund community controlled health organisations and provide a focus on mental health to assist to prevent suicide as the rates of health and mental health are just shocking.

3. How will you be celebrating NAIDOC Week?

Jennifer: I'll be visiting the exhibition to find out more about our Aboriginal history and the people that have influenced UWS

Jason: Getting dressed up at UWS Residential campuses and eating lots of food to celebrate diversity of all cultures

James: I will be attending the Penrith NAIDOC week celebration on Friday the 11th of July. I would like to build my knowledge of the aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and extend my connections with people that are part of our local community. 

Sarah: Visit local celebrations in my area.

Sally-Anne: Spending time with my Family and getting amongst my community in the many events that are held.

Blake: I will be attending events across the West and hosting a bonfire party with my close friends and family with music and film of my Aboriginal culture.

Congratulations to all of our winners for 2014 and thank you to all who participated.