Honouring Our Songlines: Research Data and the Living Narrative

Honouring Our Songlines: Research Data and the Living Narrative

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July 2016 - Hosted by Professor Lisa Jackson Pulver, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Engagement and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership, Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University is hosting an invitation-only 'round table' symposium to explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples' perspectives on knowledge and data management within the University context. The purpose of this event is to develop a framework and guidelines that incorporate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples perspectives in the management and attributions of their knowledge.

The event will bring together prominent members of the community including Traditional Owners, Elders on Campus, librarians, archivists and researchers to start the conversation by exploring the challenges that exist within knowledge management systems in current professional contexts.

Universities across the sector have put in place a number of policies, systems and procedures which ensure that accurate records of research activity are kept and made accessible. Much of this work results from initiatives funded by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) and the National Collaborative Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).

A key area that remains unresolved is how research relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples is managed within contemporary data systems. We need to explore the legitimacy of these systems in the context of community ownership and the movement towards co-creation of knowledge. The nature and sensitivity of data must be addressed as part of this consideration, to ensure that data management is appropriate and respectful.

Western Sydney University campuses spans the ancestral lands of the Darug, Gundungurra, Tharawal (Dharawal) and Wiradjuri peoples. The University has a strong connection to Greater Western Sydney, working with its communities and businesses to contribute to the region's growth, and is well placed to lead the national conversation on co-creation and research.

'Honouring Our Songlines' will explore key issues relating to ownership, attribution, consent, copyright, licensing, management and benefits. This symposium will precede a larger academic congress on the topic to be held at Western Sydney University in late 2016. For more information about the event please contact PVCEATSILEvents@westernsydney.edu.au or phone (02) 9678 7577.