OATSIEE NAIDOC Week Quiz Winners

This year's NAIDOC theme is VOICE. TREATY. TRUTH. Lets work together for a shared future.

As part of the NAIDOC celebrations 2019, the Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment and Engagement invited WSU staff and students to take part in the online OATSIEE NAIDOC Week Quiz with a chance to win an Apple iPad or a Gift Voucher from Westfield’s.

After receiving an overwhelming response the winners for 2019 were:


* 1st prize, Apple iPad, Amy Chandler - Institute for Culture and Society
* 2nd Prize, $100 Gift Voucher, Corrinne Sullivan - School of Social Sciences and Psychology
* 3rd Prize, $50 Gift Voucher, Jaleesa Godson - School of Social Sciences and Psychology


* 1st Prize, Apple iPad, Jessica Wellington - Masters Inclusive Education
* 2nd prize, $100 gift voucher, Cheryl Anderson - Bachelor of Community and Social Development
* 3rd Prize, $50 Gift Voucher, Emma Pagett - Bachelor of Nursing


Answers from our prize winners

1.How are you contributing to building positive relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples?

Amy: When I was at uni, I participated in ITAS and since then I have worked with a number of Aboriginal and Torre’s Strait Islander team to facilitate positive relationships at University for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students - for example, welcoming the students on campus.

Corrinne: I try to maintain an open heart and to work with all peoples for the betterment or our future. I ensure my research is ethically and morally bound to my communities and that I maintain my accountability to them.

Jaleesa: Working in a role where I can contribute to the advancement and leadership of' Aboriginal People through using my own experiences and knowledge to provide a high level of' support that is culturally congruent.

Jessica: I have just completed my primary education degree, I will build positive relationships by educating students about aboriginal culture and involving my local community in order to achieve this.

Cheryl: I contribute everyday as an Aboriginal person.

Emma: I am heavily involved with the Indigenous community and my degree which is a Bachelor of nursing gives me great access to do so within the health care setting. I am always networking and building relationships within the healthcare setting between patients and healthcare workers.

2. How are you participating in this year’s NAIDOC?

Amy: I promote local celebrations via Facebook and learning about the history of NAIDOC. I would have loved to attend celebrations myself but there were limited events on in my area.

Corrinne: I was fortunate to attend a geography conference that included the passing of the message stick - an annual ceremony that was truly more sacred when done in NAIDOC week, I also got to share this space with the biggest cohort of Indigenous geographers to ever attend. It was special.

Jaleesa: Attending local community events in Western Sydney as well as working at NAIDOC Family events promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education at WSU.

Jessica: I have been to two school events down the south coast helping with NAIDOC assemblies, I will also attend Blacktown, Parramatta and Penrith community events.

Cheryl: yes, I participated at Liverpool campus and will do so at Campbelltown.

Emma: I attended most of the celebrations Sydney wide, and I wore my Indigenous shirts and flags with pride all week, even my little boy!

3. Why is NAIDOC week so important to you?

Amy: NAIDOC is a part of our history. it is about awareness of how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been treated! And younger generations need to he made aware of it.

Corrinne: It ls an opportunity to bring together our communities, our families and our friends. It is also a wonderful space to showcase the amazing work being done in our communities by our awesome people.

Jaleesa: As an Aboriginal Woman, NAIDOC represents resilience and strength for our people and we come together to share our history and celebrate who we are and the wonderful contributions for our mob across the Country.

Jessica: NAIDOC allows me to celebrate my aboriginal heritage and culture. It provides me with a sense of pride, identity and belonging. This week I am able to help my fellow brothers and sisters celebrate black excellence and also help educate non.

Cheryl: It is a time to come together to share knowledge and celebrate.

Emma: NAIDOC is the best week of the year to come together and celebrate our culture surviving and being as strong as ever. It is a week to get in touch with culture, family and friends, and a time to remind all Indigenous Australians we aren’t ever alone.

Congratulations to all of our winners for 2019 and thank you to all who participated.