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Responding to maternal mental health in the perinatal period

One day conference followed by Mockingbird performance.

14th February 2018

Western Sydney University
Building EA.G.18
Parramatta South Campus

For further information about this exciting conference please download the program PDF, 2172.92 KB or contact Rebecca Stamopoulos via email

STTI Presentation - Refugee Health

Refugee Health will be presented by Ms Sandy Eagar who has over thirty years nursing experience in the fields of emergency nursing, refugee health, education and management. She holds a Masters Science (Honours) Research, Bachelor of Applied Science in Advanced Nursing and qualifications in emergency nursing, emergency paediatric nursing, education and advanced life support.

Sandy is currently the Nurse Manager Professional Development at the Centre for Education and Workforce Development, Sydney South West Area Health Service and is the RCNA representative on the Australian Government Department of Immigrations Detention Health Advisory Group. Her professional interests include refugee health issues and competency in new graduate nurses

Date:  Tuesday 21st November 2017

Time:    6:30pm - 8:30pm

Venue:  Female Orphan School
Building EZ.G.22, Parramatta South Campus
Western Sydney University
Cnr Victoria Road and James Ruse Drive
Rydlemere NSW 2116

Tickets can be purchase directly from Eventbrite.

Car parking onsite costs $9.00 and cars must park in a blue marked spot.

Please note an STTI business meeting will be held from 6.00pm until 6:30pm.


Opening on the 14th February 2018 at the Ian and Nancy Turbot Auditorium, Parramatta South Campus for one night.

A Black Comedy about Mental Health

Understanding Post Natal Distress by using performance to engage audiences with real women’s stories over four generations.

Mockingbird explores the often neglected subject of mental health through the use of humour, mask and music.

Mockingbird is a performance based on true stories, including the writer, Lisa Brickell’s own story and that of her female ancestors, the stories of other women involved in the project and the real-life experience of women who have been admitted to psychiatric hospitals in Sydney with a diagnosis of depression or psychosis after childbirth. Although names have been changed to protect the identity of the women, the stories are based on historical healthcare records from 1885 to 2001. The research for the show has been carried out by Dr Diana Jefferies and her team from the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Western Sydney University.

The performance style is exciting; a single performer brings to life multiple characters through the use of mask work and physical theatre. The internalized negative thoughts or ‘inner critic’ of the women are personified in a half masked character who is hilarious and horrible. There is no fourth wall allowing the central character, Tina, to speak directly to the audience.

Based on the success, reach and longevity of previous arts-based mental health projects, we know that entertainment changes the hearts and minds of audiences more effectively and powerfully than any other mode of dissemination.  By emotive involvement, performance is engaging and memorable and can reach audiences that would not normally hear positive mental health messages, or understand and engage with the very real experiences of women admitted to mental health facilities after childbirth.

Some of these stories are tragic, yet we have learnt from previous performance based story projects that real empathy happens when we can find common ground with our audience, and this can be done most effectively by humour. Humour does not dissipate the message or the story, but instead keeps audiences safe by giving them pause to reflect and connect with the characters.

A hopeful and entertaining show, Mockingbird will resonate in your thoughts long after you leave the theatre.

14th February 2018 - Western Sydney University

15th - 16th February 2018 - Redfern

"This is the most wonderful show, deeply moving, hysterically funny with a twist that takes you to the darkest of places and returns you to the light.'
Alex Bonham, What's Good.

Each performance is followed by a Q and A Forum, led by Taimi Allan, CEO of Changing Minds, a NZ based Mental Health Organisation.   Lecoq trained Lisa Brickell brings to life a family of characters from different generations. She is accompanied onstage by Norwegian actor and musician Siri Embla. Mockingbird is directed by Ruth Dudding who also trained at the Lecoq Theatre School in Paris and Giovanni Fusetti who was a teacher at Lecoq and has his own physical theatre school in Italy.

For further information about this exciting event please download the flyer PDF, 230.53 KB.


Evan Alexandrou Liverpool Hospital

Nurse helps form flagship service

There are only a handful of nurses in Australia who can provide vascular access to patients' major vessels. One of them is Evan Alexandrou, a clinical nurse consultant at Liverpool Hospital who was recognised as a Hero of Liverpool in this year's Liverpool Council awards.

Agatha Osifo Image

Blacktown Hospital midwife Agatha Osifo one of the busiest in NSW

If THERE’S one thing Agatha Osifo has learned in her years of midwifery, it’s that you should always trust the mother.

Thumbnail Holly Robinson

Holly Robinson’s passion for her patients wins her a national Nurse of the Year award

GROWING up in the Macarthur region, nurse Holly Robinson has a passion for its residents and is driven to give back and improve health outcomes.

Nursing Student

Western Sydney: The top ranking Australian University in Nursing and Midwifery

Western Sydney University's standing as a global leader in the fields of nursing and midwifery has been reinforced, with the release of a new ranking system that places the University first in Australia and fourth in the world.

Student Experience Liverpool

Student Experience Liverpool Hospital

In 2016 the School was successful in receiving strategic funding from the Vice Chancellor for 2017 to support Nursing students attending PPE classes at Liverpool Hospital in the Ngara Education Centre.

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