Career Opportunities for Nursing Graduates

Registered Nurse

  • acute care hospitals
  • community health
  • paediatric health
  • mental health care services
  • disability services
  • rehabilitation services
  • aged care services

  • operating theatres
  • emergency or trauma units
  • forensic, drug, alcohol, and occupational health
  • palliative care
  • oncology
  • nursing education
  • child and adolescent health

Career Opportunities for Midwifery Graduates


Throughout their degree, students will also be required to meet and work in partnership with 10 women to gain experience in midwifery continuity of care. Under the supervision of a registered midwife, students will follow the women through their pregnancy, labour and birth and during the postnatal period for up to six weeks. These continuity of care experiences will be spread across the three years: two in first year, three in second year and five in the third year. Practice placement will occur across the calendar year. The majority of practice placements will occur within one Local Health District.

Registered midwives have the opportunity to work in a number of settings that include hospitals, in metropolitan, rural, and remote areas as well as the community (including home). Midwives can be self- employed and work as privately practising midwives, be employed in public and private hospitals and work in caseload midwifery programs and group midwifery practice. Their roles include antenatal, postnatal and birthing care, research, education, management and policy development.