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Did you know?

Period pain affects up to four in five women and can be severe. In about 10 per cent of cases it can be related to undiagnosed menstrual disorders such as endometriosis.

Researchers at NICM Health Research Institute, the School of Education and the School of Science and Health at Western Sydney University are investigating the way women learn about, and deal with periods and if an online resource can improve menstrual health.

Have you ever experienced pain or emotional changes during your period?

Do you know what causes period cramps and other associated symptoms, and what you can do to help manage your own symptoms?

Are your periods ‘normal’ and do you know when you should check in with your GP?

If you want to improve your understanding of your period and learn some self-care techniques that may help you manage period pain better, please read on.

Who can join?

  • Women aged 14-25 years living in Australia.
    • If you are under 18 you will need your parent or guardians permission to join the study. The study team will help arrange this with you.
  • Women who:
    • Have had their periods for at least 12 months and their periods are regular (periods come every 21 to 35 days).
    • Have a computer/ smartphone/tablet (like an iPad) and internet access.
    • Have fluent English - written and spoken.

What's involved?

  • A short online questionnaire to be completed before, during and after the study.
  • Over the three months of the study, you will be asked to trial a number of self-care options available through the online resource to help manage your periods including some dietary changes, the use of heat, some yoga postures, as well as acupressure, where you can press on certain places on your legs and feet, to help manage period pain. You can choose the self-care option that suits you best.
  • You will receive regular text or email reminders to do the self-care practices.

What are the benefits of participating?

  • Using the online resource will provide you with up-to-date, practical information and self-care that could reduce how much period pain you have.
  • Using the self-care recommended on the online resource might also reduce other symptoms like emotional changes such as feeling angry or sad (sometimes called PMS).
  • The information on the online resource will also let you know if any of the period (menstrual) symptoms you have need to be discussed further with your doctor or health professional.

For more details about the study please read the information sheets before deciding on whether to participate or not.

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To be eligible to participate you must be aged 14-25 years. If you are under 18 you will need permission from your parent or guardian to participate.

To be eligible to participate you must reside in Australia.

To be eligible to participate you must reside in Australia.

For further information or questions please contact Kelly Ann Parry, Study Research Assistant via email

Human Research Ethics Committee Approval: This clinical trial has been approved by Western Sydney University Human Research Ethics Committee (Approval Number: H12599).

The study is supported by NICM Health Research Institute, Western Sydney University and Kimberley Clark.

NICM chief investigator: Dr Mike Armour