Upcoming Conferences

17th CGCM 2018

8-10 August, 2018

Kuching, Malaysia

Hosted by the Malaysian Institute of Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals, the 17th Meeting of the Consortium for Globalization of Chinese Medicine aims to advance the field of Chinese herbal medicine to benefit human kind through joint efforts of the academic institutions, industries and regulatory agencies around the world. The meeting provides a platform for regulatory-industrial-academic exchanges and potential research collaborations, on various frontiers of Traditional Chinese Medicine among worldwide CGCM members and guests.

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Australian Psychosis Conference

14-16 September, 2018

Sydney, Australia

The Australian Psychosis Conference aims to bring together researchers, clinicians, consumers and carers, all interested in the best possible outcome for people with a psychotic illness. The conference will cover up to the minute research, discussions on best practice and treatment, and debate as to how best to encourage recovery. The program aims to synthesise what we know about psychosis, how best to treat it and how best to deliver that treatment in our society in 2018.

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2018 CMA Annual Conference

19 September, 2018

Sydney, Australia

The CMA Annual Conference is a vital event for the complementary medicines industry. The conference brings together key decision makers in the complementary medicines industry, from raw material suppliers to manufacturers and brand owners. Delegates will represent a cross section of the complementary healthcare supply chain and will be updated with the latest developments in the industry.

The conference also offers the opportunity to participate in valuable networking events including the prestigious Industry Awards Dinner.

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Eighth International Conference on Health, Wellness and Society

20-21 September, 2018

London, UK

In addition to the four annual themes, the physiology, kinesiology, and psychology of wellness in its social context, interdisciplinary health sciences, public health policies and practices, health promotion and education, the 2017 special focus is health and life speed.

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AIHM Annual Conference 2018

22-26 September, 2018

San Diego, US

The Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM) provides innovative education, training, leadership, inter-professional collaboration, research, and advocacy that embrace all global healing traditions, to promote the creation of health and the delivery of evidence informed comprehensive, affordable, sustainable person-centered care.

In collaboration with the Office of Continuing Education at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB), the AIHM Annual 2018 Conference will bring together physicians, medical & health clinicians, researchers and academics for a community-centric conference of lectures, panels, networking, small group discussions, workshops, evening events and experiential programs.

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2018 RACI NSW Natural Products Annual Symposium

28 September, 2018

Sydney, Australia

The RACI Natural Products Chemistry Group One-Day Symposium is an annual event that brings together researchers from all the sub-disciplines involved in the chemistry of natural products, including marine, microbial and terrestrial natural product isolation and characterisation, biosynthesis, total synthesis, pharmacology and pharmacognosy.

This year the symposium will be held at the University of New South Wales with Professor Nigel Perry from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Otago, New Zealand as Plenary Speaker.

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11th International Conference on Early Intervention in Mental Health

7-10 October, 2018

Boston, US

The 11th International Conference on Early Intervention in Mental Health will be held in Boston in October. The theme of "Prevention and ealry intervention: broadening the scope" will cover the full range of early interventions in mental health, not only for psychotic disorders. Scientists and clinicians from around the world will be drawn on to present innovative and novel ideas in this area.

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CannX: The 3rd International Medical Cannabis Conference

14 October, 2018

Tel Aviv, Israel

CannX will be the central meeting point where global leaders in all areas of medical cannabis spend two exciting days exploring the latest scientific and clinical research, agricultural practices and innovation, and business opportunities in medical cannabis.

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2018 ASMI Annual Conference

18 October, 2018

Sydney, Australia

Save the date.

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CannMed 2018

22 October, 2018

Los Angeles, US

See world top medical cannabis researchers present their latest findings with regards to the efficacy of treating a variety of conditions with cannabis, including epilepsy, pain, traumatic brain injury, cancer, autism, and more.

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2018 INCAM Research Symposium

9-10 November, 2018

Quebec, Canada

As the premier research meeting in Canada on complementary and integrative health care, the INCAM research symposium addresses research on complementary, alternative and integrative medicine/health care.

The symposium brings together diverse group of individuals from varying disciplines to promote collaborations, networking and quality discussions of emerging research and practice.

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International Conference on Traditional & Alternative Medicine

19-21 November, 2018

Rome, Italy

The goal of the International Conference on Traditional & Alternative Medicine is to provide a transformative professional development experience by bringing together the world’s scientific experts to catalyse and advance scientific knowledge about Restorative and Alternative Medicine.

The conference will promote interdisciplinary exchange among professionals in the fields of Traditional Medicine and Therapeutics and provide a venue for discussion of the latest traditional medicine researches, technologies and treatments in the conference them “Providing a Natural & Scientific Approach to Heal Disease”.

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ICCMR 2019

7-10 May, 2019

Brisbane, Australia

The 2019 International Congress for Complementary & Integrative Medicine Research is the premier international research event for complementary medicine held annually in association with the International Society of Complementary Medicine Research.

This year’s theme is “Pathways and Partnerships” and will provide an event that explores and facilitates collaboration and communication across disciplines and between researchers and clinicians involved in complementary and integrative medicine.

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35th Annual ESHRE Meeting

23-26 June, 2019

Vienna, Austria

The 34th European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) Annual Meeting is a prime annual event and international forum where experts in reproductive medicine and science gather to participate in state of the art scientific sessions. The aim of ESHRE is to provide a forum for the exchange and discussion of new clinical and scientific ideas.

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