Evaluating the Evidence


Many studies show that patients and individuals frequently need help with making decisions to improve their health and well-being. Our recent studies have indicated that information is key to making informed decisions about self-care and complementary health care practices.

This web resource has been developed to help.

Navigating through the site will; help you find reliable sources of information on complementary medicines and therapies (CM); assist you with understanding the scientific evidence relating to CM, and provide you with tips and resources to assist you with having a conversation with your health care provider to make an informed decision regarding CM use.

Navigating the course

Before beginning it is important to understand how to navigate through the course. There are some tools you should be aware of:

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Module One
Module Two
Complementary Medicine - the evidence
Module Three
Finding and evaluating Complementary Medicine evidence
Module Four 
Decision making
Module Five
Working with Complementary Medicine Practitioners
Module Six
Monitoring your Complementary Medicine decision


Talk to your healthcare provider about your interest in complementary medicine to check:

  • If there are any known benefits or risks associated with complementary medicines therapies in your situation.
  • If there are any potential interactions between the complementary medicine therapies and the medications you are receiving, or another health condition you have.


The Complementary Medicine Education and Outcomes Program (CAMEO) understands that its online patient education program is a useful educational resource that, with modifications, would have value to other jurisdictions. The information in the patient education program is the intellectual property of CAMEO.

The National Institute of Complementary Medicine has adapted selected CAMEO modules from the patient education program for an Australian audience. Funding was provided by IRT Foundation. IRT Foundation is engaging the community to create opportunities for people to age positively.

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