Zewdneh Sabe

The use of traditional and complementary medicine for maternal health care among African migrant women in Australia

In recent years, Australia's African community has grown drastically. As such, Zewdneh's PhD project focuses on traditional health practices and beliefs of African migrant women living in Sydney. He will also examine how African women's cultural health beliefs may influence their health seeking behaviours. Findings from this study may help to improve culturally competent maternity health services.

Before joining NICM as an international student, Zewdneh studied and taught pharmacology in Ethiopia. He received his Master's degree in Pharmacology from Addis Ababa University in 2013.

Zewdneh's research experience spans a variety of areas including medication utilisation and adherence, safety and efficacy evaluation of indigenous medicinal herbs, HIV/AIDS, diabetes and psychiatric disorders.


Professor Caroline Smith, Dr Tinashe Dune