Declan Power

Selecting chemical of marker compounds to determine the quality of green tea

There have been great research efforts into the beneficial effects of green tea, in particular its antioxidants. However, due to the variable nature of green tea and other medicinal plants, it is difficult to determine which compound/s are contributing to these effects.

Declan's project aims to answer questions about the antioxidants in green tea and how they interact within the tea.

He completed his Bachelor of Science in 2015 at Western Sydney University, with a major in chemistry. Herbal medicine is of particular interest to him because natural products are such complex mixtures and there are many variables that effect their efficacy, opposed to western pharmaceutical products. Declan hopes his research will lead to a career where he can further utilise his knowledge and skills to make a difference in the world and people's lives.


Associate Professor Chun Guang Li