We give patients better health choices


We have assessed the cost effectiveness of five complementary medicines, with the following four proving to be cost effective

  • Acupuncture for chronic nonspecific low back pain;
  • St John's wort for mild to moderate depression;
  • Omega-3 fish oils for secondary prevention of heart disease;
  • A proprietary herbal medicine for pain and inflammation of osteoarthritis.
We have undertaken clinical trials to help patients access complementary treatments
  • A range of birthing techniques for Australian women;
  • Complementary medicines for polycystic ovary syndrome;
  • Chinese medicine for the treatment of dysmenorrhoea and endometriosis;
  • Chinese medicine for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.

We have undertaken a review and analysis of integrative healthcare initiatives around the world to improve Australia's health provision of integrative healthcare services practice


We keep Australian consumers safe 

  • We provide advice to government on health and policy matters;
  • We have reviewed researched the national practice of traditional Chinese medicine locally and globally, and provided policy advice to Government, leading to its national regulation in Australia and improved safety in practice.
We support a strong and responsible Australian manufacturing industry
  • We are working with industry to develop regulatory reform models that support industry investment in research and development.
We take research from the bench to the bedside
  • We established three NICM Collaborative Centres, training over 13 PhD students and 21 research associates and postdoctoral fellows, producing over 170 peer reviewed publications and generating in excess of 1200 citations to date; 
  • We have developed Standard Operating Procedures and clinical networks in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture;
  • We have developed national research priorities in the areas of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological disorders and wellness promotion.