Western Sydney University partners on storytelling project for Parramatta

Western Sydney University Assistant Vice-Chancellor Dr Andy Marks

Western Sydney University today welcomes the installation of ‘Storybox Parramatta’ – a digital storytelling platform located in Parramatta Square that will showcase and celebrate local voices.

Western Sydney University Assistant Vice-Chancellor Dr Andy Marks said the University was pleased to see the diverse stories of Parramatta and its community highlighted through the initiative.

“A city is more than just built form and economic growth; its identity is shaped through its stories. Western Sydney University is pleased to partner on Storybox Parramatta to share the unique stories of the region and its people,” said Dr Marks.

According to Dr Marks, the project is part of the University’s ongoing collaboration with partners including the City of Parramatta to support the growth and cultural vibrancy of Parramatta.

As part of the initiative, artists, creatives and emerging writers will have the opportunity to share their work. Western Sydney University student Symphony Chakma, who is studying a Bachelor of Arts, has been recognised for her poem, The Crossroads.

“The piece I wrote was integral to my experience in Parramatta and how I felt as an international student who was just getting settled in Australia. I chose to partake in the Storybox initiative because I wanted to establish my identity as a writer in western Sydney,” said Symphony.

Created by digital placemaking studio, Esem Projects, Storybox Parramatta is being delivered in partnership with Western Sydney University, City of Parramatta, ABC Content Ideas Lab, Story Factory and Curious Works. It will feature local contributions including from storytellers, artists, filmmakers, writers, and community members.

Esem Projects Director Dr Sarah Barns said: “Storybox brings a unique approach to storytelling and digital engagement in public spaces. We see public spaces as playing a vital role in creating shared spaces for local culture and creativity. With the support of our key partners we are thrilled to surface unique and delightful perspectives on Parramatta as a city that is changing fast.”

Storybox Parramatta is supported by City of Parramatta Council’s Smart City Advisory Committee.

City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Cr Bob Dwyer said: “Council is proud to be a key partner in Australia’s first Storybox, allowing our diverse community to showcase their own digital stories about Parramatta in the world-class Parramatta Square precinct.”

The Storybox Parramatta installation at Parramatta Square will run until the end of December.

To find out more and to contribute, visit the Storybox website (opens in a new window).

Arts student Symphony Chakma featured at the launch for her poem, The Crossroads


7 October 2020

Ali Sardyga, Media Officer