Western Paddl Games prepares graduates for virtual workplace

Participants in the first virtual Western Paddl Games

Western Sydney University will today host the third Western Paddl Games, bringing together Western students, staff, alumni and mentors with a Paddl Games facilitator, alongside students from institutions Australia-wide, to workshop ideas and innovations for future-ready graduates.

Delivered through a partnership between Western Sydney University and Paddl Co., the Games set up teams to collaborate to develop practical, scalable and impactful solutions to large-scale issues and challenges. In the process, participants gain invaluable experience in problem solving, innovation, design thinking, understanding virtual platforms and pitching, key skills for the modern workplace.

Western Sydney University Director, Employability and Graduate Success, Chris Youness said the University acknowledges the challenges of a rapidly changing workplace and is committed to preparing its graduates for this new world of work.

"Our first virtual Paddl Games will connect students, staff as mentors, and employers to design solutions that will contribute to and improve the experience of work in the online format," said Mr Youness.

"Our students are well prepared to contribute to online workplaces. The purpose of the Games is to help them recognise how they can utilise their skills and expertise to succeed in this new environment."

"The University is proud to open the Paddl Games to students from other institutions and to lead a collaborative approach to address this pressing global issue."

Paddl Co. Chief Executive Officer, Dominique Fisher highlighted the value that can be created by bringing together people with diverse skills and experience to focus on developing solutions to address a single challenge.

"We are thrilled to be delivering the third Western Paddl Games today, the latest in our partnership with Western Sydney University," Ms Fisher said.

"In recognition of the increasingly complex, globalised and technology-driven world in which graduates are entering the workforce, the University and Paddl first joined forces in 2019 to support the successful transition of their graduates into the workforce."

"The pandemic has accelerated and amplified the demand for graduates with pivotal skills in the virtual world. By bringing together Western Sydney University’s students, staff and alumni – and utilising our unique model – we’ll create a full range of impactful solutions that also prepare graduates for the virtual workplace, within the space of a single day."

"Paddl believes that experience unlocks opportunity, and that belief, combined with our commitment to prepare talent for the future of work, led us to develop the Games methodology."


14 May 2020

Ali Sardyga, Media Officer