Western Sydney University celebrates multimillion dollar space race research win

As a member of the newly formed SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre (SmartSat CRC), Western Sydney University welcomed the $55 million funding announcement from Federal Government’s Department of Industry, Science & Technology.

The investment is a huge win for the creation of an Australian space industry and will boost the already sizable $190 million investment the Centre has received from its 84 research and industry members.

Western Sydney University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research and Innovation) Professor Deborah Sweeney noted SmartSat CRC is the biggest space industry research and development collaboration in Australia’s history.

“Western Sydney University’s membership in SmartSat CRC offers enormous potential for research opportunities and industry partnerships. A key mission of the Centre is the development of smart satellite systems that are Australian designed, owned and operated, to deliver the nation real-time connectivity, surveillance and sensing capability.

“The University brings to the Centre world-leading research, leveraging our expertise in cyber security and international space law,” said Professor Sweeney.

The SmartSat CRC was created as part of Australian Space Agency’s goal to develop into a $12 billion industry, generating an extra 20,000 jobs by 2030. Through bringing together universities, federal government agencies, and space industry, the Centre will leverage collaborative strengths in three key areas; advanced communications, intelligent satellite systems, and Earth Observation (EO).

Western Sydney University will embed key research and expertise into the Centre, including:

  • Professor in Cyber Security and Behaviour Alana Maurushat, who will contribute to the behavioural aspects of cybersecurity for satellites and AI cognitive modelling for cybersecurity; and,
  • Professor of International Law Steven Freeland, who specialises in the commercial aspects of space law will lend his expertise to the development of standards and policy.


16 April, 2019

Media Unit