Western Sydney University celebrates 20 inspiring individuals during graduations

Ms Jennifer Rowe AC

Outstanding individuals in the fields of teaching, writing, advocacy, migrant services, finance and music will receive prestigious honorary awards from Western Sydney University during the April/May graduation ceremonies. The awards acknowledge the outstanding service, contribution and achievement they have all made to the Western Sydney region and beyond.

At the upcoming graduation ceremonies:

  • Ms Jennifer Rowe AC will receive an Honorary Doctorate of Letters;
  • Adjunct Professor Alexis Wright will receive an Honorary Doctorate of Letters;
  • Ms Vivienne James will receive an Honorary Fellowship;
  • Professor John Pollaers OAM will receive an Honorary Fellowship;
  • Mr Ian Stone will receive an Honorary Fellowship;
  • Mr Eddie Woo will receive an Honorary Fellowship;
  • Mr Neville Barnier OAM will receive a Community Fellowship;
  • Mr John Bateman OAM will receive a Community Fellowship;
  • Mrs Faten El Dana OAM will receive a Community Fellowship; and
  • Mrs Marjory Freeman OAM will receive a Community Fellowship.

The upcoming graduation ceremonies will also recognise some of the outstanding members of the University’s professoriate, whose work continues to shape Western Sydney and its communities through excellence in research, sharing of knowledge and creation of the finest learning and teaching environments.

The two academics who will be accorded the title of Emeritus Professor are:

  • Professor Wayne Sawyer; and
  • Professor Anna Yeatman.

While receiving the award of Distinguished Professor, will be:

  • Professor Ien Ang (continuing);
  • Professor Anne Cutler;
  • Professor Annemarie Hennessy AM;
  • Professor Lynn Kemp;
  • Professor Andre Renzaho;
  • Professor David Simmons;
  • Professor David Tissue; and
  • Professor Wei Xing Zheng.

Western Sydney University Acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor Scott Holmes, noted the diversity of the award recipients, reflecting on the important role this plays in the region’s remarkable growth and development.

“It is with great pride we bestow these honorary awards on distinguished individuals whose work in many different sectors add to the vibrancy and vitality of Greater Western Sydney and more broadly,” said Professor Holmes.

"Awards such as these are an opportunity for Western Sydney University to honour the work and dedication of community leaders, teachers and professionals and acknowledge their contribution to society.”

The graduation ceremonies, held 27 April – 3 May at the Parramatta South campus, will also commence a series of events and activities for students, staff, alumni and the community to come together and commemorate the University’s 30 year anniversary.


1 May 2019

Clare Patience, Senior Media Officer