Western students awarded Westpac Young Technologists Scholarships

Ferah Redjeb, one of six Western students to receive a Westpac Young Technologists Scholarship

Western Sydney University is proud to announce that six students have been named inaugural Westpac Young Technologists Scholars (opens in a new window), receiving a scholarship valued at up to $25,000 from the Westpac Scholars Trust.

The undergraduate students were identified as future leaders in innovation and technology and as part of their scholarship will benefit from lifelong professional development and networking opportunities through the Westpac 100 Scholars Network.

Mr Angelo Kourtis, Vice-President (People and Advancement) at Western Sydney University, congratulated the Scholars and reflected on the importance of universities encouraging students to harness technology to create opportunities and overcome challenges in a rapidly changing world.

“Western Sydney University is at the forefront of technology-led learning and innovation and we are exceptionally proud to partner with the Westpac Scholars Trust to provide our students with the opportunity to join a national forum of thought-leaders,” said Mr Kourtis.

One of the new Scholars is 18-year-old Ferah Redjeb, who is a first-year Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology student. She was recognised for her advocacy of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

“Innovation is the way of the future and the future is in the hands of our youth. Being a female within the field of Information Technology, one of my ambitions is to help provide schools the chance to introduce STEM to our youth from the very beginning of their educational journey, paving a clear pathway for the development of our future pioneers,” said Ferah.

“The Westpac Young Technologists Scholarship will allow me to enter the IT industry from the very beginning of my degree. I now have the chance to network with other scholars and influential, inspiring individuals in the workforce, and begin building and working towards my goals as a female STEM student.”

Western Sydney University is one of five universities nationwide to partner with the Westpac Scholars Trust to offer scholarships in 2019. The scholarships are awarded annually to high school graduates who are passionate about technology and eager to explore its potential for good. In addition to financial support, the scholarship includes an Enrichment Program which involves mentoring, paid internships and overseas learning experiences.

2019 Westpac Young Technologists Scholars

Fatima Bari

Degree: Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

“As the world’s technology develops it's more important for us to understand the disadvantages of technology. My future career goal is to dedicate myself to the IT Industry to build a healthy online world,” said Fatima.

Kathryn Dixon

Degree: Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced)

“It’s my dream to create programs to assist people in their everyday lives in meaningful ways. I’m studying a Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced) so that I can gather the skills necessary to achieve this,” said Kathryn.

Marcus Anthony Belcastro

Degree: Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced)

“I'm a born inquirer and I like to question how things work. With the combination of my expertise in computing and physics, I dream of bringing to the world a brand new technological revolution, as big as the invention of the transistor,” said Marcus.

Ferah Redjeb

Degree: Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology / Bachelor of Laws

“As a young kid, I was surrounded by many individuals, especially my mum, who would encourage me to tinker with different technology. Joining an all-girls robotics team in my high-school years furthered my interest in IT and STEM. I chose to study Information and Communication Technology, so I can provide the same rewarding experience to kids across Australia,” said Ferah.

Rebecca Prendergast

Degree: Bachelor of Cyber Security and Behaviour

“I have a long-held belief that technology is a key enabler for greater inclusion and involvement in our civil society. My decision to study Cyber-Security and Behaviour was influenced by the gap I could see between sections of society and the pervasive nature of technology that is leaving some people behind,” said Rebecca.

Anthony Joshua Cham

Degree: Bachelor of Design and Technology

“I have always had a profound appreciation and curiosity for design. The way things work, why they work, and how they make life easier and better. This appreciation inspired my ambition to become a designer who will be recognised as somebody who has contributed to society and made lives easier for people around the world,” said Anthony.


15 April 2019

Ali Sardyga, Media Officer