Rocket Science meets Brain Science in Penrith

Western Sydney University has partnered with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) on cutting-edge research that applies human systems of perception to technological innovation. Known as neuromorphic engineering, this cross disciplinary field is applied in projects ranging from artificial intelligence, through to machine learning, and to space exploration. Leading minds from both universities now have a home in Penrith, Sydney - at the new International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems.

The partnership was formalised in Bangalore this week by Professor AndréVan Schaik, Director of the new International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems, Western Sydney University (WSU) and Professor Jayant Modak, Deputy Director of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc).

“The establishment of this partnership with the Institute marks a significant advancement in research that has the potential to address challenges of international significance,” said WSU’s Professor Van Shaik. “The Alliance will develop capacity in this vital research field across the globe.”

The International Centre of Neuromorphic Systems will be based on the Penrith campus of Western Sydney University, with a complementary base in Bangalore. An exchange program between the two universities will enable six Masters or PhD students from the IISc to work at WSU and live in Sydney each year, and vice versa.

In 2019, WSU will host an International Symposium, which will draw together expertise on neuromorphic engineering from around the globe.It will also establish an Asia-Pacific network bringing together leading researchers from across the region and beyond. New ideas, projects and inventions will be showcased at the symposium, which will be a crystallisation of the first innovations to emerge from the partnership.

Western Sydney University is driving Australia forward in the development of neuromorphic engineering and its application to complex, high tech innovation. Hosting some of the world’s brightest minds, the new International Centre of Neuromorphic Systems will build skills, capacity, collaboration and opportunity in the growth areas of AI, robotics, med/tech and space innovation.

Penrith is about to become a new world centre of innovation and technology.


30 November 2018

Media Unit