Sydney Science Festival at Western Sydney University

What do ET, wombats and crime scene investigations have in common? They’re all up for discussion across Western Sydney University campuses from 7-19 of August during the Sydney Science Festival.

The University is welcoming science enthusiasts from all walks of life to participate in lively discussions, workshops and learnings to help celebrate the wonder of science and the world.

Western Sydney University Sydney Science Week ambassador, lecturer Erin Mackenzie said: “It’s an exciting time in western Sydney. The Western Sydney City Deal and major infrastructure projects mean demand for workers in STEM areas is increasing. As a science educator, I am really excited about the opportunities the young people of Western Sydney.”

Key Western Sydney University events:

Earth and Space

  • Searching For ET: Are we alone in the universe? Western Sydney University astronomer Dr Ragbir Bhathal discusses the latest developments in the search for life outside our planet and his work on the longest search in the Southern Hemisphere for signs of ET life.
  • Astronomy Night At Penrith Observatory: Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith, the 2018 Sydney Science Festival Ambassador and and Adjunct Professor at Western, discusses the universe with the team at Western Sydney University’s Penrith Observatory. Enjoy a short 3D astronomy movie, tour of the Observatory’s dome area, and view the night sky through a variety of telescopes.
  • Protecting our Hawkesbury-Nepean River System: The region’s lifeblood for food, agriculture, and quality of life in the Hawkesbury, the Hawkesbury-Nepean river system needs protection from population growth, further urban runoff and sewage disposal. Dr Ian Wright searches for answers in this important discussion.

Health and Body

Youth and Families

  • Forensic Science: Crime Scene Investigation: Interested in studying forensics? Tour the Crime Scene Investigation Training and Research Facility that is used by the NSW Police Force to train their crime scene examiners, and learn from Professor Chris Lennard about cutting-edge finger print technology.
  • It’s All About Wombats!Associate Professor Julie Old chats wombats and her extensive research into these incredible native animals and takes the lead on the very special #WombatWednesday.
  • Focus on Photosynthesis: Enter the hidden and fascinating world of plants and plant research through a photographic exhibition that will take you from the leaf to the field. Some of the images will open a window to the microscopic realm of structures inside the leaf that are responsible of producing the oxygen we breathe and the food we eat.
  • Travel Space and Time with Virtual Reality: Researchers from the Digital Humanities Research Group have recreated places of the past for you to experience in virtual worlds. Using state of the art Virtual Reality headsets, explore ancient Mesopotamia, walk through Parramatta as it was before Captain Cook’s time, traverse the Pacific islands listening to languages of the region, or step into the Rocks in 1901.

Erin Mackenzie details more about Western Sydney University events on YouTube.(opens in a new window) For more information, visit the Sydney Science Festival website.(opens in a new window)


2 August 2018

Clare Patience, Senior Media Officer