Western Sydney University to celebrate Science Week

Members of the community are invited to attend a series of fun, interactive and informative events on Western Sydney University campuses, as part of National Science Week (opens in a new window) and the Sydney Science Festival.(opens in a new window)

From 10-20 August, the University will host a range of events on its Parramatta and Penrith campuses, as well as some off-campus events in Sydney.

The program of events:

Stem Cell Stories: Fact or Fiction?

9am-5pm, 14-18 August 2017
Foyer of the Science building, Parramatta South campus.

This exhibition, commissioned by the Australasian Society for Stem Cell Research, is a compilation of spectacular scientific images of muscle fibres, neurons, stem cells, skins cells and even a regenerated eye lens. It also includes moving portraits of people with diseases that may become treatable as a result of stem cell research.

Dr Michael O'Connor from the School of Medicine says the exhibition was curated to stimulate public discussion on the potential for stem cell treatments to repair damaged and diseased cells in the body.

Lifestyle, Health and Aging – Public Lecture

2-4pm, 10 August 2017
Room EA.G.34 lecture theatre, Parramatta South campus

We all, regardless of our age want to be able to lead a life unimpeded by any health concerns. Indeed, everyone considers such an ideal as a given and only show concern if such a state is in some way compromised.

In this public lecture, Dr Vojislav Ilic from the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics will discuss the issues related to a disease focused health system that will ultimately be too costly and leave the community vulnerable.

Sustainable Engineering – A Solar Car's Journey

4-6pm, 10 August 2017
Building Z, Kingswood campus

The School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics will introduce you to the Western Sydney University Solar Car Project.

Hear how the project competed in the World Solar Challenge, a 3000km race from Darwin to Adelaide to champion the cause for sustainable transport; watch the documentary of their 2015 race; and learn more about sustainable futures.

This event is suitable for all ages and will develop your awareness of engineering principles in the context of sustainability and the future of renewable energy.

The Future of Immersive Education with Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality Simulation

9am-4pm, 13 August 2017
Room G.06, Building EB, Parramatta South campus

Dr Tomas Trescak from the School of Computing Engineering and Mathematics presents a cutting-edge research and educational technology display for applied arts and sciences.

Discover the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Simulation and explore an immersive virtual space with two interactive Virtual Reality (VR) exhibits.

Talking Space: Space Law

6-8pm, 16 August 2017
Sydney Observatory, Upper Fort Street, Millers Point

Professor Steven Freeland, Dean of the School of Law, is an internationally renowned expert in international and space law. Professor Freeland will speak on the ways that space-related technology impacts upon all aspects of our lives.

Every country is dependent on space for its ongoing functioning and development. This dependence on space has given rise to a rapid and exponential expansion of technological development and humankind is now engaged in a vast (and growing) array of space activities, many of which were not contemplated even a few short years ago.

Yet, this rapid technological growth gives rise to complex difficulties in developing appropriate international and national rules to properly regulate what is a highly political, strategic and militarised domain.

COST: Adults $20, Concession $18, Child $16
Bookings essential

Making your Future – 3D Printing and Advanced Manufacturing Workshop

3:30 – 7pm, 17 August 2017
Penrith MakerSpace, Building Z, Kingswood campus

Academics and Technical staff from the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics will introduce you to the University's innovative MakerSpace facility.

In this workshop, participants will work through a 3D graphics project and show demonstrations of 3D Printing, laser cutting, and digital wire bending.

Penrith Observatory Public Astronomy Night

7-9pm, 19 August 2017
Penrith Observatory, Building AO, Werrington North Campus

Hear from extragalactic astronomer Dr Caroline Foster, currently the International Telescopes Support Office Fellow at the Australian Astronomical Observatory in Sydney, and ask her your big questions about the Universe.

Then enjoy a short 3D astronomy movie, a tour of the telescope domes and a viewing of the night sky through a variety of telescopes (weather permitting). This event will include outdoor activities so dress for cold weather.

COST: Adults $18, Concession $12, Children (aged 3+) $12, Family $50
Bookings essential

Coral Fluoro-colours in Science and Art

2:30-4pm, 20 August 2017
Powerhouse Museum

Hear Dr Anya Salih, coral fluorescence and bioimaging scientist at Western Sydney University, speak about her research into coral fluorescent genes, their role in reef biology and the incredible biotechnological discoveries based on these proteins.

Using underwater film footage, night-time images of fluorescent corals and 3D imaging by laser confocal microscopes, Anya will discuss the science of coral fluorescent genes and their importance in increasing corals' resilience to climate change, their uses in biomedicine, images of cancer and even in light activated coral fluorescent genes in neuroscience.

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Visit the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics site for booking information for each event.

The University is offering the events for National Science Week (opens in a new window) as part of the Sydney Science Festival,(opens in a new window) produced by the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (opens in a new window) and Australian Museum (opens in a new window) in partnership with Inspiring Australia.(opens in a new window)

Sydney Science Festival celebrates and showcases Sydney's diverse and multidisciplinary science and innovation community to inspire a sense of city-wide pride, increase Sydneysiders' appreciation and recognition of science, and motivate young people to study and practice science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM).