Luke Basso, Bachelor of Science (Forensic Science)

Luke Basso

Luke Basso is an undergraduate Bachelor of Science (Forensic Science) student at Western Sydney University, who is utilising the Advanced Materials Characterisation Facility (AMCF) within the Parramatta South campus Science Building for a third year science research project.

Luke says the AMCF is a scanning electron microscope – which uses an electron beam to magnify up to 100,000 times.

Luke’s project is focusing on gunshot residue analysis (GSR). He uses the AMCF to analyse samples of gunshot residue, which can help law enforcement officers investigate crimes.

“Basically Police officers have a suspect, and they need to be able to link that suspect to a crime. They want to know if that person has fired a firearm, or has been in close proximity to a gun being fired. The Police provide a sample, and we use the instrument to conduct a chemical analysis of the particles, to determine if the sample is characteristic of gunshot residue,” says Luke.

Luke says the instruments available in the AMCF play a huge role in the success of his research.

“Here at Western Sydney University we have access to the latest technology available. The instrument that I am using is smaller, more compact, faster, and more automated than any other instrument on the market. It also allows for much brighter images, and provides the contrast needed for gunshot residue analysis.”

“At other Universities, students don’t typically have access to this kind of technology. It really is a privilege to have access to, and be able to use these instruments.”

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