Denise Duff, Master of Research

Denise Duff

After completing a Bachelor of Science (Forensic Science) at Western Sydney University, Denise Duff enrolled in a Master of Research. Now based in the Parramatta South campus Science Building – where she has access to the Advanced Materials Characterisation Facility (AMCF) – Denise was assigned a research project that would make full use of the new facilities.

Denise’s research, which is being conducted in collaboration with Fire and Rescue, is looking at what gasses are emitted from building materials during a fire. Denise says the importance of her project was evident in the recent Grenfell Tragedy in London.

“It is currently not known what gasses come off building materials during a fire, whether they are harmful, and whether they affect how a fire behaves,” says Denise Duff.

“First I burn building materials, such as cladding, carpets and insulation, to see how it thermally degrades. I then identify the chemical structure of the gasses that are emitted, and determine at what temperature they are released.”

“Without the instrumentation within the AMCF, this research would not have been possible.”

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