Alice Salib and Ane Kleynhans, Master of Research

Ane and Alice

Alice Salib and Ane Kleynhans are studying their Master of Research degrees in the field of molecular biology and genetics – investigating the causes and pathways of lung cancer and lung disease – within the Parramatta South campus Science Building.

Alice and Ane both have an interest in cancer research. Alice is a volunteer for Camp Quality, who works as a ‘camp companion’ for children living with cancer. Ane recently completed an internship with the Children’s Cancer Institute. Following the completion of their Masters studies, both are interested in undertaking a PhD in the field of childhood cancer.

In the research labs within the Science Building, Alice says she has access to all of the equipment and facilities that are required for research in this field. She can amplify and screen DNA, and in a specifically designed cell culture room can grow and maintain cell lines.

“In our research, we tend to focus on understanding the pathways of how cells grow and develop in the body. If we compare the behaviours of normal cells with cancerous cells – and understand the difference – we can develop an understanding of what is actually happening when cancer develops,” says Alice

Prior to being based at the Parramatta South campus, Alice and Ane were based in research labs at the Campbelltown campus. Alice says the design of the Science Building has created a superior research environment.

“The building is designed so well. Our research labs are situated in such close proximity to our supervisor’s office. Being on the same floor allows for much closer communication and collaboration,” says Alice.

“We have room to accommodate a large research team, and all of the equipment that is required to conduct our research.”

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