New psychology clinic opens to the public at Penrith campus


A new psychology clinic has opened at Western Sydney University, offering free consultations for adults and children with common types of psychological problems.

Located at the University's Werrington South campus, the Clinic offers psychological services for children and adults, including stress and anxiety, depression, eating disorders and behavioral problems.

The Clinic also offers psychological testing of children and adults, including the assessment of learning, intelligence and memory.

"The Clinic offers treatment using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy," says Professor Craig Gonsalvez, from the University's School of Social Sciences and Psychology.

"Cognitive Behavioural Therapy teaches children and adults alike to change unhelpful patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and is scientifically tested and proven to be effective."


Professor Craig Gonsalvez, Penrith Lord Mayor Karen McKeown, Vice Chancellor Barney Glover 

The clinic is staffed by provisionally registered psychologists currently undertaking postgraduate training.

All provisionally registered psychologists are supervised by fully accredited and experienced clinical supervisors.

A typical treatment course is 10-15 sessions, with additional sessions as required.

For most conditions, the clinic accepts self-referrals; in some circumstances, a referral from a doctor or health professional will be required.

Please visit the website for more information or to make an inquiry.


11 February 2016

Mark Smith - Senior Media Officer

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