Indian Study Tour broadens horizons for Information Systems students

indian study tour 2 

As Australia continues to embrace a global economy dominated by high-tech industries, Western Sydney University Information Systems students are touring leading international corporations to gain a firsthand insight into  systems used by leading companies such as Yamaha Motors, Health Caps, McDonalds and Tech Mahindra. 

Six Bachelor of Information Systems students had the opportunity to sample a taste of Indian culture whilst brushing shoulders with professionals within the industry across an intense 11 day program.

Wakil Almazi, one of the students involved in the Indian Study Tour, loved having the opportunity to see what he has learnt at university applied in real life.

"After going on the Indian study tour, I've become more involved in my university degree. I was able to witness a lot of the theoretical concepts I've learnt applied in real life at world leading companies. What I've experienced on this study tour as well as what I've learnt within my course has really helped me to see a defined career path ahead of me," says Wakil.

Fellow student, Danielle Simiana, expressed how the Indian Study Tour has opened her eyes to the need for an understanding of different cultures and countries in order to succeed in the technological industry.

 "It was a great experience being exposed and immersed in a different culture. The technological industry is increasingly becoming globalised, so it's essential to understand and communicate with international connections," says Danielle.

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Danielle attributes her high achievements within her course and flourishing career in Information Systems to a few key factors.

"I've received amazing support, mentoring and guidance from the University, particularly through academics such as Dr. Ana Hol who organised the study tour.

Being a female in a significantly male dominated industry, I have found the University's Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program particularly beneficial. It's truly given me a step up career wise and has also helped me set up my LinkedIn profile and prepare for job interviews.

I also found that within my degree, a lot of the units have a professional and practical element which is essential for someone wanting to break into the industry. There's a big push from academics to improve our communication skills to prepare us for our careers", she says.

Dr Ana Hol, Director of Academic Program of Information Systems and organiser of the study tour, explains the importance for students to gain experience for a competitive advantage when graduating.

"Technology related fields are becoming more global. Therefore, providing students with the opportunities to network with peers internationally and to visit and interact with managers and employees of world leading organisations while still studying is giving them cutting edge experiences that will assist them once they graduate and commence working".


26 August 2016

Emily Lam, Media Assistant