Gravity (and Wonder) arrives at Western Sydney University


Western Sydney University has joined Penrith Regional Gallery for Gravity (and Wonder) to host a number of events during October, merging arts and science.

The Gravity (and Wonder) exhibition explores how artists working with scientists can illuminate scientific concepts and research concerning gravity.

Western Sydney University PhD students Graeme Wong, Andrew O'Brien and Jordan Collier will collaborate with artists Katie Turnbull, Emma Fielden and Leahlani Johnson as part of the exhibition.

Astronomer in Charge of the University's Penrith Observatory, Dr Ain De Horta says art and science have many similarities.

"Art and science share many things in common. They are both a means of investigating and coming to terms with the universe we live in. Both involve ideas, theories, hypotheses and creativity," says Dr De Horta.   

"This is a good opportunity for artists to learn from scientists and vice versa, and for the public to learn from both."

As part of the partnership the University will host an astronomy night on Saturday 8 October at the Penrith Observatory that focusses on gravity and how it interacts with the solar system.

The Penrith Regional Gallery will host a stargazing night in collaboration with the University. Locals will be invited to join University staff and students in the Gallery Garden to view the night sky on October 22.

The University's portable planetarium will also be erected at the Penrith Regional Gallery throughout the length of the exhibition.

Dr De Horta says it's an opportunity for the University to interact with a different demographic of the public.

"Gravity (and Wonder) provides us with an excellent opportunity to engage with a section of the public that we may not have engaged with under normal circumstances," he says.

The Gravity (and Wonder) exhibition runs from 3 September to 27 November. You can visit the Observatory's events page here.


23 September 2016

Elliott Richardson - Media Unit