A parents' guide to tertiary studies

Launch 01 

A resource booklet for parents and carers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students has been launched at Western Sydney University.

The booklet offers tips and advice to help parents support their children in pursuing higher education goals. It provides information on learning styles, career planning, how to apply for university, what to expect, and the opportunities and services available.

"We hope the booklet will give parents practical ideas on what to consider and how they can help their children get to university and succeed while there," says Anne McLean, Manager School Engagement.

The booklet is a spin-off from the highly successful Schools Engagement program 'Walking Tall Together'. Under the program, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from years 9 and 10 came together for three-day camps held across Western Sydney University.

"Walking Tall Together was established to motivate students to start thinking about, understanding, seeing and actually being a part of tertiary education," says Ms McLean.

The camps encouraged students to build their knowledge, skills and confidence, as well as increase their awareness of tertiary education and its significance.

"The booklet complements the time students spend in a tertiary education setting, and allows them to return home knowing their parents are also informed, and can assist them with their journey," says Ms McLean.

Walking Tall Together is an Indigenous Higher Education Pathways Program funded by the Australian Government.

The launch was held at the University's Campbelltown and Kingswood Campuses and guest speakers included: 

For Kingswood:

  • Uncle Wes Marne
  • Dr Megan Williams, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Health Research, School of Medicine
  • Huntar Hakim, Bindi O'Hara and Talei Vakauta, students from the Walking Tall Together program
  • James Bourke, Western Sydney University Aboriginal graduate and Walking Tall Together staff member

For Campbelltown:

  • Aunty Mae Robinson
  • Professor Lisa Jackson-Pulver, Pro Vice Chancellor, Engagement and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership
  • Breanna Harrison and Jessica Hawker, students from the Walking Tall Together program
  • Tammy Wells, a parent
  • Jessica Wellington, Western Sydney University Aboriginal student and Walking Tall Together staff member


4 March 2016

Media Unit

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