Western Sydney University VC named a Pay Equity Ambassador

Professor Barney Glover 

Vice-Chancellor of Western Sydney University Professor Barney Glover has this week joined prominent business leaders in calling for action to close the pay gap between men and women.

Professor Glover has joined other chief executives to become a Pay Equity Ambassador, as part of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency's campaign to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of pay equity.

With the national gender pay gap reaching an 18.8% high in 2015, Professor Glover is urging employers to undertake gender pay equity analyses to identify the underlying factors contributing to gender pay gaps in their organisations.

"Western Sydney University has a longstanding commitment to gender equality in the workplace, and annual pay equity audits are part of a wider strategy, which includes understanding of unconscious biases and structural issues in recruitment and promotion, the establishment of targets for representation of women in management, and the provision of a flexible working environment," he says. 


4 September 2015

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