Programming and video game lecturers recognised at industry awards

Anton award

 Lecturers from SCEM Dr Anton Bogdanovych (left) and Dr Tomas Trescak (right).

Western Sydney University lecturer Doctor Anton Bogdanovych has won the 'ICT Higher Education Educator of the Year 2015' award at the Reimagination Thought Leaders Summit organised by the Australian Computer Society.

A lecturer in Programming and Video Games Development at the School of Computing Engineering and Mathematics, (SCEM) Dr Bogdanovych says the primary focus of his teaching is to make programming as fun for students as playing video games. 

Thought Leaders Summit 

He uses the visual framework called 'Clara World', where students have to advance the intelligence of a little ladybug by solving visual and fun programming challenges.

"Central to the development of students' computational thinking is the careful and unique composition of challenging problems every week, in such a way that solving them generates what is known in psychology as the state of flow, or ultimate excitement", he says. 

"These problems are taken from diverse real world scenarios, ranging from high tech robotics to things popular among students such as TV shows and games".

Dr Bogdanovych says it was a privilege and an honor to receive the award.

"If I can help students fall in love with programming then I'm fulfilling my role as an educator," he says.

"Once they love programming then nothing can stand in the way of them mastering it."

This was definitely the year for SCEM as Dr Tomas Trescak, received the gold medal for best 'Information Computer Technology lecturer' of the year.


20 November 2015

Tanya Patterson, Media Officer

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