UNLIMITED triumphs in the Red Centre

Solar Car team celebrate crossing finish line
Solar Car team celebrate crossing finish line

After two years of hard work and 3,000km Western Sydney University's Solar Car Team have crossed the finish line today, coming tenth in the 2015 World Solar Challenge.

The 150 kilogram car, called UNLIMITED, lived up to its name and used only the sun's power to travel between Darwin and Adelaide in 46 hours 51 minutes.

This is the second time Western has entered a team in the world's largest and toughest solar race. Competing against 30 contestants in the Challenger Class, Western's Team was pitted against long-time entrants from The Netherlands, USA and Japan who are ranked the best in the world.

UNLIMITED crossed the finish line without having to hitch a ride on a trailer, meaning it completed the entire 3,000km race under solar power and was ranked according to time.

Seven vehicles in the Challenger Class had to be trailered for part of the race and two didn't reach the finish line.

Western Sydney University is proud of the achievements of our Solar Car Team.

23 October 2015

Photos: Sally Tsoutas

Media contact: Tanya Patterson, Media Officer

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