Prestigious scholar and editor joins UWS

Britain and the World book cover 

The Editor-in-Chief of Australia's most highly ranked history journal has been appointed Professor of History at the University of Western Sydney.

Professor Gregory Barton brings with him the journal Britain and the World, a publication ranked by Thomson Reuters Social Sciences Citation Index as the highest ranked history journal in Australia and 35th in the world.

The international publication examines every part of the world that has interacted with Britain since 1600. 

Professor of History Gregory Barton says he's excited to be working at the University of Western Sydney's School of Humanities and Communication Arts.

"UWS is putting together one of the best teams of historians and social scientists in Australia," says Professor Barton.

"I look forward to working closely with my colleagues in teaching the new global history unit at UWS, and continuing my own research in global, imperial, and environmental history."

The Dean of the School of Humanities and Communication Arts, Professor Peter Hutchings, says UWS is delighted to welcome Professor Barton.

"On behalf of all staff I welcome Professor Barton to the University of Western Sydney," says Professor Hutchings.

"Professor Barton is an outstanding researcher in his field, with a reputation for excellence and a deep commitment to his students."

"He will continue to build UWS's reputation as a leader in the field of history, environmental studies and the humanities."


Mark Smith, Senior Media Officer

5 July 2014 

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