Overseas study key for students in the Asian Century

Australia's ambassador to Thailand meets with UWS executives

As part of the University of Western Sydney’s drive to encourage students to consider broadening their horizons, UWS has hosted the Australian Ambassador to Thailand James Wise to learn more about the wealth of educational opportunities in Thailand.

The University of Western Sydney is committed to the Federal Government’s New Colombo Plan, which aims to lift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia and strengthen institutional relationships through study and internships by Australian undergraduates in the region.

To better gain an appreciation of the opportunities available in Thailand, His Excellency James Wise outlined to senior University staff the ease of studying in the country, as well as the high standards of tertiary institutions, and the large number of available scholarships.

“Thailand is such a vibrant destination, yet what is perhaps less well known is the quality of the universities,” says Mr Wise.

“The universities and the government also make it extremely stress free to enrol and find safe and reasonably priced accommodation, and visa requirements are minimal.”

Mr Wise says south-east Asia is a great option for students specialising in Asian or language studies, but all students should consider the region, irrespective of what they are studying.

“Attending university in an Asian country such as Thailand opens so many doors for students later in life as they gain the language and cultural skills that are valuable to employers,” he says.

“Thailand is one of the biggest and most vibrant economies in the region, and like many other countries will remain a crucial trading partner for Australia.”

“We need to continue to build our social and cultural ties with our neighbours as we move forward through the Asian century, and having our students receive part of their education in countries like Thailand can play a crucial role.”

UWS students interested in the opportunities to study in Asia are invited to visit UWS International for more information.


12 May 2014

Contact: Mark Smith, Senior Media Officer

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