Building the force in Maldives police

Sunset in the Maldives 

A new scholarship at the University of Western Sydney will give a police officer from the Maldives the opportunity to study with senior policing experts in Australia and take back new skills and knowledge to their country.

The doctoral research scholarship will run for three years, and help build the ability of Maldivian Police to access the international policing strategies used in Australia and around the world.

By working with the team of academics, former detectives and international experts currently teaching at UWS, the student will be able to develop new theories and real life strategies for policing in the Maldives.

The scholarship is the latest example of UWS College's strategy to build the leadership capacity of the Maldives Police Force by giving them the knowledge and skills to develop local training programs in the future.

"UWS has strong research partnerships with the New South Wales Police Force and national security agencies, and we are delighted to be able to share our knowledge with our partners in the Maldives," says Professor Kevin Dunn, Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Psychology.

"The University has access to world's best policing academics and facilities, such as the Crime Scene House and other innovative forensic science facilities, and we look forward to working with our new student."

The International Policing Research Scholarship builds on the partnership between UWS, the Maldives Police Service and the Institute for Security and Law Enforcement Studies (ISLES).

Last year this partnership led to the development of the ISLES Bachelor of Science (Security and Law Enforcement Studies), taught by Dr Michael Kennedy (UWS College, International Programme Coordinator) and other UWS and ISLES teaching staff.


13 August 2014

Senior Media Officer Mark Smith