UWS student returns to X-Factor

Joelle auditions for X Factor

Television lovers may see a familiar face when they tune into Channel 7’s popular X Factor show this year. University of Western Sydney Bachelor of Education student Joelle is returning to the program after her explosive entry into the last series as part of the duo Good Question.

Now performing as a solo artist, Joelle is hoping her ride through the competition is as fun as last year, when she and her band mate Kristina wowed the all-star judging panel with their rendition of Flo-Rider’s dance anthem Wild One.

With the YouTube video of their audition having racked up over two million views, Joelle is hoping to repeat the success of her last experience on the blockbuster show.

“Walking into the studio in front of the judging panel again was completely nerve-wracking, seeing all the lights and cameras, and of course coming face to face with some of my childhood idols,” she says.

“I thought perhaps the whole process would be a bit easier considering I have the experience from last year, but if anything the audition was even more daunting.”

Joelle says her decision to enter the competition without her former band mate Kristina significantly increased the pressure.

“Being a solo performer this time around means there really is nowhere to hide on stage, and instead of feeding on the vibes from Kristina I have to rely on myself like never before,” she says.

“Added to this I had such big expectations heading into this year’s season, and really felt that if I didn’t make it through the audition process then I would have really let myself down.”

“I never thought it would be easy, and I was right, it has been just as challenging the second time around.”

Tune into Channel 7 to find out how Joelle performs this year.


25 July 2013

Contact: Mark Smith, Media Officer

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