Student design leaps 'Off the Wall'

Off the Wall 2013
Off the Wall 2013
Off the Wall 2013

University of Western Sydney design students unleashed their imagination in leaps and bounds as they participated in the seventh annual ‘Off the Wall’ on Tuesday 17 September 2013.

Off the Wall showcases the creative minds of final year Bachelor of Design students in real time as they work on their large-scale murals in front of crowds during the outdoor collaborative exhibition.

Each student is issued with a large mural panel prior to the event which they can begin work on, but must bring to the event unfinished. This year, students were guided by the theme of ‘yo-yo’.

“This year's theme was loosely based around the idea of the students’ final year of study being like a 'yo-yo',” says Ms Katrina Sandbach, Associate Lecturer Design.

“It looked at lots of ups and downs, learning new tricks, but also refining the students 'old school' skills. Students are encouraged to use Off the Wall as a chance to play, in the midst of an otherwise hectic time for them.”

There were also spare mural panels on which other UWS students, staff and visiting members of the wider community were collaborate on and contribute to.

Once finished, all murals will be displayed in the UWS Rabbit Hole – the creative home of UWS design students.


18 September 2013

Contact: Hannah Guilfoyle, Media Assistant 

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