Speed learning: Three Minute Thesis Competition comes to UWS

The community is invited to attend a fun competition this Friday at the Parramatta campus that challenges students to explain their research using non-technical language in 3 minutes or less.

The 12 finalists will cover topics ranging from supernova to stingless bees and boys choirs to neonatal care.

The winner of the University of Western Sydney 3 Minute Thesis Competition (3MT) Final to be held from 2pm to 5pm at the Parramatta campus on Friday 23 August will represent UWS at the Trans-Tasman finals.

The 3MT is an academic competition, whereby postgraduate students communicate the significance of their research to a non-specialist audience in three minutes with one simple PowerPoint slide.

The 3MT competition was first developed by the University of Queensland and is now operating under their guidance around Australia and internationally.

In 2012, UWS student Tim Paris won the Trans-Tasman 3MT final, so UWS has the honour of hosting the 2013 Trans-Tasman 3MT Final in October.

Tim Paris delivers the winning 3MT speech

Tim Paris 2012 Trans-Tasman 3MT winner 

The 3MT helps students develop skills essential for pitching their research to government and industry, as well explaining their research to friends and families.

The audience at the UWS Final will have the chance to vote for the People's Choice winner.

Following the competition guests will have the opportunity meet the contestants and learn more about their research during an informal cocktail reception.

UWS 3MT Finalists 

School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics: Luke Bozzetto presents "Multi-Frequency Study of Supernova Remnants in the Large Magellanic Cloud"

School of Business: Melissa Donald presents "The Role of Interpersonal Reference Sources in Environmentally-Responsible and Socially-Responsible Product and Servicing Contexts"

MARCS Institute: Jaydene Elvin presents "It's not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it"

Institute for infrastructure Engineering: Kamrul Hassan presents "Behaviour of Hybrid Stainless-Carbon Steel Composite Beam-Column Joints"

Institute for Culture and Society: Sherene Idriss presents "The creative vocational aspirations of Arab-Australian young men"

School of Law: Awal Khan presents "Climate Change and its Impact on Human Rights in Bangladesh"

School of Social Sciences and Psychology: Ryan McMullan presents "The Good, the Bad, and the Body"

School of Humanities and Communication Arts: Nukte Ogun presents "Legal Recognition and Australian Migrant-Ethnic Community Tensions"

School of Education: Sarah Powell presents "Boys who sing: An exploration of themes and issues associated with male membership of choirs"

School of Science and Health: Jenny Shanks presents "Microbial Defences Associated with the Australian Stingless Bee, Trigona Carbonaria (Hymenoptera, Meliponini)"

Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment: Tracey Steinrucken presents "Diagnosing Dieback in Weeds of National Significance"

School of Nursing and Midwifery: Suza Trajkovski presents "Using Appreciative Inquiry to Enhance Family Centred Care in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit"     

School of Medicine: Deborah Mitchison presents "Quality of Life as an Outcome and Target of Treatment for Eating Disorders" 

What:  Three Minute Thesis Competition, UWS Final

When:  Friday 23 August, 2pm to 5pm

Where:  Ian and Nancy Turbott Auditorium, Building EE, UWS Parramatta campus, corner James Ruse Drive and Victoria Road, Rydalmere

InfoRegister online to attend.


20 August 2013

Contact: Paul Grocott, Senior Media Officer 

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