Seats now available for 2013 Gough Whitlam Oration

Noel Pearson

Respected Indigenous leader, lawyer and land-rights activist Noel Pearson will deliver the 2013 Gough Whitlam Oration on 13 November.

The annual Gough Whitlam Oration, presented by the Whitlam Institute within the University of Western Sydney, provides the public a unique opportunity to hear, first-hand, from those who are instrumental in shaping our society.

The Gough Whitlam Oration is in its third year and is already established as a landmark event in the national calendar. Noel Pearson follows then Prime Minister Gillard (2011) and former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser (2012) in accepting this opportunity to address the nation.

Noel Pearson, who comes from the Guugu Yimidhirr community of Hopevale on South Eastern Cape York Peninsula, is Chair of the Cape York Group.  He has been strongly involved in campaigning for the rights of Cape York Aboriginal people and played a pivotal role in establishing the Cape York Land Council in 1990.

He has earned a national reputation for his advocacy on Native Title cases including the historic WIK decision.  The resulting High Court decision is recognised as one of the most important Native Title cases in Australian history.

Eric Sidoti, Director of the Whitlam Institute, says this year’s Gough Whitlam Oration will provide a fascinating first hand account of Indigenous rights action in present day Australia.

“The Whitlam Government broke new ground in its approach to Aboriginal affairs as primarily a matter of social justice and human rights.,” says Mr Sidoti

“In that famous ‘men and women of Australia’ speech that launched the successful 1972 campaign Gough committed his government to legislating to give aborigines land rights, in his words, ‘not just because their case is beyond argument, but because all of us as Australians are diminished while the aborigines are denied their rightful place in this nation’.

“It’s only fitting that one of the most influential Indigenous leaders of the 21st century will deliver the 2013 Gough Whitlam Oration,” says Mr Sidoti.

The 2013 Gough Whitlam Oration is supported by Riverside Theatres(opens in a new window), Parramatta.

WHAT: The Whitlam Institute 2013 Gough Whitlam Oration delivered by Mr Noel Pearson
WHEN: Wednesday 13 November 2013. Oration commences 7:00 pm sharp, patrons are requested to be seated by 6:45 pm.
WHERE: Riverside Theatres, corner Church and Market Streets, Parramatta
DETAILS: Free but entry by ticket only. Light refreshments will be provided at the conclusion.
BOOKINGS: Please note that Riverside Theatres are handling the bookings for this event through their Box Office. Book online now or call the Riverside Theatres box office on 02 8839 3399

17 October 2013
Contact: Paul Grocott, Senior Media Officer

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