Science laboratory day for high school students at UWSCollege

Students from Wyndham College
Recently 95 year 11 Science students from Wyndham College were hosted by UWSCollege in their Science Laboratories at Nirimba Education Precinct, in Quakers Hill.

The event was held for students allowing them the opportunity to have access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment at the UWSCollege laboratories.  While at the same time provide a university type experience to the Secondary students located on the Precinct.

Mr Malcolm Tiddy, Lab Manager, UWSCollege, says It was an extremely rewarding experience for students, whilst also providing the opportunity for UWSCollege and Wyndham staff to work together collaboratively to the benefit of students and staff alike.

“It gave us the chance to showcase what studying Science in a university laboratory setting is like, and enabled students to extend their knowledge in a practical and enjoyable way.”

Over the course of the day Students were able to take part in three workshops:

Physics students experiment focused on ‘the effect of gravity on pendulum motion’ and also using ‘laser photogates on a horizontal plane’.

Biology students experimented with the ‘effect of pH on enzyme kinetics’.

Chemistry students were able to ‘establish the concentration of an unknown solution using a UV/VIS spectrophotometer’.

Mr Ian Wing, Precinct Education Manager, Nirimba, says it was yet another example of the synergies that exist on the Nirimba Education Precinct; this project is one of many at Nirimba where students and staff can work together in a collaborative way to the benefit of our students.

8 November 2013
Tanya Patterson, Media Officer
Photos By: Anh Thu Ha


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