Ryan Stokes delivers the Occasional Address to graduating Business students

Ryan Stokes 

Leading Australian businessman Ryan Stokes has provided inside tips to graduating students from the University of Western Sydney as part of the 2013 Autumn Graduation ceremonies.

Mr Stokes, Chairman of The National Library of Australia, is also Chief Executive Officer of Australian Capital Equity and Chief Operating Officer of Seven Group Holdings.

The Occasional Address is one of the highlights of the graduation schedule. Mr Stokes is one of 18 distinguished guest speakers, who have addressed more than 4,000 graduating students at the UWS Parramatta campus this week.

As part of his Occasional Address, Mr Stokes spoke about the “exciting information age” that is having a significant impact on modern society, business and media.

“In this information revolution change is all around us – how we live, how we work, and how we interact. Like all revolutions it presents opportunities and it requires adaptation,” said Mr Stokes.

His advice to the graduating cohort – the potential next generation of business leaders – was to keep abreast of the “almost unimaginable rate of change” in this information age.

“Information will continue to permeate everywhere and all aspects of our lives. It will become even more ubiquitous. The connectivity of devices will continue, their understanding of you will increase, and productivity will grow,” he said.

“As you enter the workforce to make your contribution, keep in mind this revolution and the required adaptation, look for it and sense where businesses need to go. All businesses need to evolve to survive and you have an opportunity to be a part of the evolution.”

For more information, access a full copy of Ryan Stokes’s Occasional Address.

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